Message from the Minister of State for Regional Revitalization

It is with great pleasure that I welcome the opening of Art Fair Tokyo 2022.

The Cabinet Office is responding precisely to the problems of population decline and economic shrinkage in regional Japan, and with the aim of realizing active communities in the future, is fostering tolerance and diversity in regions while securing environments pleasant to live in for different kinds of people, and supporting regional revitalization initiatives that help inspire new people and jobs in the regions.

Our nation’s regional areas are replete with diverse traditional crafts and other locally distinct art and culture. Utilizing these regional resources has knock-on effects on regional revitalization through promoting culture and the arts, including creating employment and industry, increasing related populations via the accompanying relocation of workers, and reinvigorating communities.

Art Fair Tokyo is a superb opportunity to disseminate art and culture widely. By people experiencing the fair, either in person or online thanks to digital technology that allows them to feel almost like they are at the venue, artworks vividly expressed through various values are shared both in Japan and beyond.

It is my hope that this fair will lead to more people will taking an interest in regional appeals and values, and thereby contribute to furthering regional revitalization.

In closing, I would like to express my deep respect for the tireless efforts of everyone involved with supporting such an initiative and striving to organize the fair, and offer my wishes for its every success this year and in those to come.

Seiko Noda
Minister noda

Message from the Minister for Foreign Affairs

On today’s opening of "Art Fair Tokyo 2022", may I say how much I welcome this highly worthwhile initiative.

Art Fair Tokyo, in its sixteenth year, will showcase hundreds of high-quality works of art from Japan and abroad, offering the opportunity for international cultural exchange through art.

Cultural exchange is playing a more and more important role in Japanese diplomacy as it promotes trust and friendship between people of differing backgrounds. Under the current crisis where cross-border movement is difficult due to the global spread of COVID-19, "Art Fair Tokyo 2022" will be a superb opportunity to boost mutual understanding and people-to-people exchange through culture, as it will enable artists and their artwork to be together on stage, utilizing online technology.

In closing, Let me express my deep respect and appreciation for everyone involved in organizing "Art Fair Tokyo". I trust it will be a great success and that it will lead to further ventures of this kind in the future.

Yoshimasa Hayashi
Minister hayashi

Message from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

It is with great pleasure that I welcome the opening of Art Fair Tokyo.

Art and other cultural resources are assets that contribute to economic growth and regional revitalization as well as a source of soft power that helps people around the world understand, feel affinity with, and admire our country. This art fair is especially significant as an event that tells the world about Japan's unique appeal, and ushers in sustainable cultural creation for the future.

Corporations are also now increasingly taking note of the power of art, not least its creativity and originality. Expressing a corporate vision, for instance, artistically, or utilizing art in branding helps to develop new clients sympathetic to the corporation. Learning about the attitudes of artists who committed to the pursuit of original work elicits the creativity that employees inherently possess, and revitalizes an organization.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry hopes to use art as an engine for driving economic growth in Japan and, at the same time, start discussions about the types of ecosystems that can lead to the sustainable creation of culture.

As the significance and importance of art for economic activities receive renewed recognition, the meaning of this fair that introduces and provides many works of art for various kinds of people will continue to increase in the future.

In 2025, the world expo will take place in Osaka, Kansai, with the theme of "Designing Future Society for Our Lives." Along with presenting a vision of future society, an expo is a place for disseminating the appeals of art and other cultural resources. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is continuing preparations to ensure the expo truly fulfills its potential in this regard.

In closing, I would like to express my wishes for the fair's success this year and in those to come.

Koichi Hagiuda
Minister hagiuda

Message from the Minister for Health, Labor and Welfare

I am very pleased to welcome the opening of Art Fair Tokyo 2022.

This international art fair is the largest in Japan, bringing together a wide selection of superb art across different genres from home and abroad, including the work of artists with disabilities.

At present, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is making it difficult to undertake activities and exchange related to culture and art in Japan and overseas, but various workarounds are now underway and we sense anew the importance of culture and art.

Culture and art recognize a diverse range of values, promote mutual understanding, and play important roles in terms of encouraging community participation and self-expression for the disabled. As such, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare continues to support initiatives related to culture and art for those with disabilities through developing places that assist regional art and cultural activities.

This fair brings visitors into contact with the many different appeals of art as well as creates further opportunities for activities by the disabled. Such efforts will lead to a future society where both those with and without disabilities can live side by side with dignity.

In closing, I would like to express my respect for the tireless efforts of everyone involved with organizing the fair, and offer my wishes for its every success this year and in those to come.

Shigeyuki Goto
Minister goto

Message from Commissioner, Japan Tourism Agency

It is with great pleasure that I welcome the opening of Art Fair Tokyo 2022.

This sixteenth edition of the fair once again brings together a wide array of values from across different countries and regions, making a significant contribution to international exchange as a place for connecting people through art.

International travel remained very restricted in 2021 due to the spread of the coronavirus, but it is far from the case that the world-famous culture and art of Japan has lost its appeal.

Japanese art is one of the most important resources we have for telling the world about the wonders of Japan and is something that motivates foreign tourists to visit our country. In particular, the artworks that have emerged from Japan's cultural and historical contexts, nature, and incredible spirituality have global appeal and are very attractive to high-value tourists.

Through the fair, more people will sense what is special about our nation, inspiring them to travel to places around the country after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

We hope that we can overcome the pandemic together and return to that time when we are able to come into direct contact with the world's culture and art safely and freely.

In closing, I would like to express my respect for the tireless efforts of everyone involved with organizing the fair, and offer my wishes for its success and future development.

Koichi Wada
Minister wada