Art fairs play a central role in the art market. Bringing international art galleries together in one venue, an art fair allows visitors to compare prices and artworks, and enhances the fluidity of the art market.



At ART FAIR TOKYO 2017, there are not only many galleries who lead Japanese art scene, but also the galleries from other Asian countries and regions, as well as from European countries such as Italy, Switzerland, and France. In addition, there are 21 first-time galleries exhibiting this year.




The Projects section was launched in 2011 attempting to introduce young Japanese art galleries. Since 2016, the section has adopted a solo-show format to present the works of individual either domestic or international artists. For AFT 2017, twelve emerging art galleries and the representative artists show paintings, sculptures and installations rich in objective insights.


“Guided tours of PROJECTS - supported by Deutsche Bank Group”

*in Japanese Language Only

During the exhibition period, this section will feature three guided tours for general visitors. Each tour will visit four booths along a single theme, and will introduce highlights of each, together with the gallerists.

Sponsor : Deutsche Bank Group
Date : March 18 (Sat) *Tour times to be announced
Place : South Wing PROJECTS booths *Each tour will visit four booths
Navigator : Kiichi Kitajima Managing Director
Projects tour1

Tour 1: “Physicality and Serendipity”

Improvised fun is born when we cast off the shell of modern painting and turn our attention to the act of putting paint on canvas. This will focus on the unique balance between brush control and serendipity.

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Projects tour2

Tour 2: “Pop and Reconstruction”

This will approach the masses in the globalized world, and introduce the artists' creative power and playfulness within disassembly and reconstruction.

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Projects tour3

Tour 3: “Analysis and Proposals”

By grasping the contradictions of contemporary standardization and turning an objective eye to it, a new proposal is born. This tour will delve into artists' critical thinking.

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