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The Lamborghini art car is coming! Collaboration with techno-artist Sputniko!

Myanmar Artist × Installation kaguya

Four artists introduced by the POLA ART FOUNDATION

Experience Live Art! Ron English Live Painting

Get Closer to Art! “Hopin’ Pocketful” Exhibition

Art and Fashion Collaboration! “Female Hero”

The Lamborghini art car is coming! Collaboration with techno-artist Sputniko!

A Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder will be transformed into a unique art car in a collaboration with Sputniko! Find it displayed in the lobby gallery of ART FAIR TOKYO 2017.

The Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder (Huracan Spyder) is a supercar with a powerful presence and a sophisticated and stylish form. The ART FAIR TOKYO art car collaboration series began in 2012, and Sputniko! is the first female artist to participate.

The collaboration between this elegant technology artist and the dignified Lamborghini is fitting in this era of women's social advancement, called “Power Woman”. The resulting fusion between art and the supercar will create history at ART FAIR TOKYO.

Huracan spyder
Lamborghini Huracán RWD Spyder
Born in 1985, Sputniko! is a Japanese/British artist based in Boston and Tokyo. After majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College, London, she went on to pursue a Masters in Design at the Royal College of Art. Sputniko! is known for her film and multi-media installation works inspired by how technology changes society and people’s values - in particular focusing on gender issues. She has recently presented her works in exhibitions such as the 2016 Setouchi Art Trienniale (where she created her first permanent art pavilion at the Benesse Art Site Naoshima on Teshima), “NEW SENSORIUM” at the ZKM Art Center in Germany (2016), “The Universe and Art” at the Mori Art Museum (2016), “Collecting Future Japan - Neo Nipponica” at the Victoria & Albert Museum (2016). Since 2013, Sputniko! has been an Assistant Professor at the MIT Media Lab - where she directs the Design Fiction research group. To date, she has had pieces included in the permanent collections of museums such as the V&A and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.

Myanmar Artist × Installation kaguya

U Lun Gywe, one of Myanmar's foremost artists, has collaborated with University of Tokyo Graduate School of Biomaterial Sciences Wood Based Materials and Timber Engineering Laboratory to make “Installation kaguya”.

Myanmar is one of the world's great bamboo-producing regions. As a representative Myanmar artist, oil painter U Lun Gywe expresses a constant undercurrent of love and kindness through his works depicting the pastoral landscape of Myanmar, beautiful dancers, and stampeding horses. These paintings will be displayed as part of Installation kaguya.
The bamboo materials that hearken to both the vast nature of Myanmar and echoes of Japanese history and culture within Installation kaguya will cross over both national borders and space/time, impressing upon the viewer a deep sense of Myanmar's culture.

The theme of Installation kaguya is based on the old Japanese legend, Taketori Monogatari (The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter). The pavilion is made with cutting-edge wood structure technology, the only one of its size in Japan, made with taketora bamboo, also known as miracle bamboo. The fantastical exhibit space will make visitors feel like they have stepped into the shoes of the old bamboo cutter from the story.

On March 16 (Thu), a flower dedication will be held by Shuho in her capacity as a flower master (hananofu) who makes offerings to nature, Shinto deities, and Buddha.


Installation kaguya website


Four artists introduced by the POLA ART FOUNDATION

Corporate Partner: POLA ART FOUNDATION

There will be a group exhibition featuring the works of four artists who received a Grant for Overseas Study by Young Artists at the POLA ART FOUNDATION booth. The exhibition is curated by Pola Museum of Art Director Shunsuke Kijima. The works displayed will show how their experiences abroad have influenced and sharpened the evolution of the artists' work.
The four artists who are participating in this exhibition will also have an exhibition at the POLA MUSEUM ANNEX (in Ginza) under the theme, Sense and Emergence (March 3 (Fri) - March 26 (Sun)).


Aya Takagi



Oil on canvas


Mitsuhiro Ikeda

Portrait of Place Turkey no.3


Oil on canvas


Toshiaki Hikosaka

Newspaper Sketches of Ocean Waves


Pen, inkjet on paper


Hiroko Takeda



Color ink on paper

Experience Live Art! Ron English Live Painting


Ron English (American-born artist. Street art pioneer, and maker of the mascot for the film "Supersize Me") will come to Japan and perform live painting on the main stage after the opening ceremony on March 16 (Thursday). The finished work will be auctioned off at the end of the fair, and the sales will be donated to support earthquake recovery and young artists.

Live painting5
Live painting2
Live painting3
Live painting6
Live painting4

Ron English 2017 Growing Grin

Get Closer to Art! “Hopin’ Pocketful” Exhibition

Sponsor: Morimoto

About 60 pieces of art by young promising artists have been chosen from the ART FAIR TOKYO 2017 participating galleries to be exhibited and sold at the Lobby Gallery, where entry is free. The "Pocketful" of the title refers to a sense of connecting to another world with a secret sense of hope, as well as the comparatively accessible prices of the works. The works in the exhibit are all chosen by experts and will be sold at prices ranging from around 100,000 yen up to a maximum of 300,000 yen. Bring art and hope to everyday life. This will convey the pleasure of living with art.

Curator : Keisuke Ozawa (Art Tokyo Curator / Art To)
Supervisor : Hozu Yamamoto (Art Tokyo Director / Director of Tokyo Gallery + BTAP)
Venue : Lobby Gallery
Entry : Free
Participating Galleries : Tomio Koyama Gallery
Tokyo Gallery + BTAP
ShugoArts And more

Aki Kondo

Sleepy Dog


27.3 x 41.0 cm

acrylic, spray color paint on canvas

copyright the artist

courtesy of ShugoArts


Mrs. Yuki



h.29.5 x w.25.5 x d.4.5 cm

mixed media


Pocket map

Art and Fashion Collaboration! “Female Hero”

Planning Cooperation: Tokyo Girls Collection Executive Committee

ART FAIR TOKYO 2017, with its theme "Art is Alive - Getting Closer to Art, Art Getting Closer" has developed a collaboration with Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 Spring/Summer. The connection between art and fashion is an action that connects generations. This event will create an opportunity for young, socially-connected people to encounter art, and be influenced by it. The event will explore the possibilities of the art market by sharing the diversifying values and lifestyles of a collaboration between art and fashion.

TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION Official Site:http://tgc.st/

*Some of the works in this project will be available to general visitors to photograph and post on social media.

“Female Hero”

An art exhibit at ART FAIR TOKYO 2017 will link with the theme for Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 Spring/Summer.

Artwork: Female Hero Artist: Chul Gwag (South Korea)

Artist Gwag Chul is a Korean Yong Artist who is working actively in Korea and New York. The works of Artist Gwag Chul usually involve the body of a woman-expressing the inner world of human beings and mainly focus on Female Hero theme. Gwag Chul’s Art work can be used as a branding logo that collaborates the image of company. This collaborating art is attracting love calls from many companies continuously.

Gwag chul5
Gwag chul7

Gwag, Chul

Gwag chul6
Gwag chul1
Gwag chul4


The visuals for Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 Spring/Summer will also appear at the entrance to ART FAIR TOKYO, forming a gateway that can appeal to young consumers.

Artwork: CANDY GIRL Artist: Yoshitaka Amano (Japan)

Yoshitaka Amano Management Office:http://m-smo.co.jp/
CANDY GIRL:http://candygirl108.com/

Tgc candy girl