Kids’ Workshop ‘Who are you?’ – creating their own masks.



10:00 - 12:30



Mar 10, 2018

Tokyo International Forum, Hall E, Seminar Room (inside Art Fair Tokyo 2018)

Application Deadline:Mar 09, 2018 17:00

About this event

A children’s art workshop led by NPO Ichijigahaku, which means “Artist for a Day” for the 8th consecutive year.

This group was created after the Tohoku Earthquake, in order to help children who had less opportunities to encounter art after the disaster. They enabled children who were least able to encounter art to spend time with art and artists in various locations around the region.

At ART FAIR TOKYO 2018, Bunpei Kado, who is known for three dimensional works and installations exhibiting at several international art festivals and galleries will collaborate with Ichijigahaku. Children will use things like fabrics, hot bonds and scissors to create ‘someone’. The children will see what happens when they let their creativity loose.

Artist: Bunpei Kado, Contemporary Artist (
For: Child (Age 4 up to 13)

Artist for a Day HP:

Supported by Deutsche Bank Group

Thank you for your participating.