Art Fair Tokyo 2022 Overview
Dates: Thursday, March 10th - Sunday, March 13th, 2022
Venue: Tokyo International Forum *subject to change


The general sector for established commercial galleries and art dealers
Hall E, Glass Bldg B2F(Admission fee will be charged)
Lobby Gallery, Glass Bldg B1F(Admission free)


The sector for organizations other than commercial galleries and art dealers
Lobby Gallery, Glass Bldg B1F(Admission free)

Art Fair Tokyo 2022 Galleries Section

Galleries is the main section of Art Fair Tokyo, featuring the finest commercial galleries and dealers from Japan and overseas that present artworks from ancient to contemporary.
Alongside showcasing the current state of the art market in Japan, where a wide range of art from antiques to modern art, contemporary art, crafts, and more intersect and intermix, the section aims to cultivate new relationships and interests across genres, fields, and disciplines.
The Art Fair Tokyo Selection Committee screens and decides the exhibitors for this sector based on their applications.

Art Fair Tokyo 2022 Crossing Section

A section newly launched in 2019 to transform the conventional focus of an art fair on exhibiting only commercial galleries, Crossing is open to groups and organizations(department stories, regional crafts associations, etc.) involved in arts activities with the potential to reach audiences.