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Japan, who has developed its own unique long history, has excellent values of beauty and great technology. At the same time, art is always connected to the world. From a wide range of perspectives, we will delve deeply into Japanese art, which has evolved while being stimulated both domestically and internationally, as well as the art market that has nurtured it.

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Make, Show, and Taste Collections

Collecting art has become a prominent trend, and the collection exhibition by Makoto Takeuchi at WHAT MUSEUM is currently the subject of much discussion. We spoke with him about his relationship with his artworks, how he curates his collection, and how he uses his collection to express his current state of mind.

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To consider the value of the arts in relation to the social systems.

Art is frequently examined through the lenses of history and artistic value. However, the role of sociology within art is also crucial, and it must be acknowledged when considering how art is perceived. We recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. YAMAMOTO Hiroki, a curtural studies scholar, curator and artist.

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The Covid Pandemic’s Impact on the Overseas Art Market

The unprecedented Covid pandemic has massively changed the world over the past three years. Various industries have undergone restructuring, shifted to remote work, and changed the way in which they operate. The impact on the art world was similarly immense.

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Bringing Customers and Art Together, Leaving Value Behind for the Future

Ginza was once home to some three or four hundred galleries. Based in that district of Tokyo since 1973, Shunsei Gallery has carved out a name for itself in a crowded field. Over the course of fifty exhibitions, it has continued to grow Yasuo Kazuki’s reputation. We spoke to owner Kota Imazu about the role his gallery has played.

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Understanding, Savoring, and Conveying Value

Mitsuru Uragami has some fifty years of experience dealing in antiques. He spoke to us about what he has valued the most from when he started out as an art dealer to the present. His long career has involved handing on superb works of art across generations and geography as well as rediscovering, enjoying, and passing on their value.

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Masahiro Maki: Boosting Gallery Credibility

Over the course of his long career, MAKI Gallery owner Masahiro Maki has met many gallerists and artists from overseas and exhibited at various art fairs. He spoke with us about his experience and what he does to raise the credibility of his gallery.

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Tomio Koyama :An Overview of the Art Scene in Europe, the United States, Asia, and Japan

Tomio Koyama is someone at the frontline of the Japanese art scene and whose involvement with the art market goes back many years. His career has coincided with the growth not only of the market in Japan but the global market as a whole. We spoke to him about his take on the major shifts he has witnessed in his time, especially the development of art fairs and the expansion of the market in Asia.

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Maho Kubota: Galleries and Artists, Strategically Looking to the Future

“I simply choose the work I want to represent or the artists I like,” says MAHO KUBOTA GALLERY owner Maho Kubota. “This intuitive sense of liking the work or artist is important, though there has to be something else too. There’s the originality of the artist’s work and its sustainability. And then there’s the strength of the resulting work.” Kubota spoke with Art Fair Tokyo about her relationship with artists and her gallery’s aims.

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YUMEKOUBOU: Seeking Ways to Increase the Value of Artists

YUMEKOUBOU made its debut at Art Fair Tokyo in 2021 with a stunning installation of bamboo artist Tanabe Chiku’unsai IV’s work that became a word-of-mouth sensation. Alongside handling antiques by the first three generations of Tanabe Chiku’unsai, the gallery is the primary dealer for the current generation’s contemporary art. We spoke with the gallery owner Ken’ichi Kiyama and director Akira Nakajima about the core approach that runs through all YUMEKOUBOU’s activities.