Announcement of Art Fair Tokyo 2020’s voluntary suspension and cancellation

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At this time, in consideration of the current spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19),
Art Tokyo Association has decided to place utmost priority on the prevention of the domestic and international spread of the virus and has voluntarily suspended and canceled this year’s “Art Fair Tokyo 2020” (Venue: Tokyo International Forum) as well as the concurrent international exhibition held with the collaboration of 38 resident embassies introducing their countries' representative artists, "World Art Tokyo 2020" planned to be held from Thursday March 19th to Sunday March 22nd.

We considered measures to minimize the deleterious effects to the health of the exhibitors and visitors as much as possible, however, we have determined that we cannot 100% eliminate uncertainty and the possibility of infection.

To all those who were anticipating attending this event as well as to all those who were involved in the planning of this event, we wish to offer or deepest apologies for this sudden announcement so soon before the intended opening day.

【To those who pre-purchased event tickets】
We will be issuing a refund for the pre-purchase tickets that you bought.

The ticket refund period for each ticket agency is scheduled to be from 10:00 am Thursday, March 7th to 11:59 pm Friday March 27th.

Pease apply for your ticket refund from the agency you purchased from.