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ART FAIR TOKYO is the largest art fair in Japan and the oldest in Asia, featuring a wide range of art from antiques and crafts to nihonga painting, modern art and contemporary art.

The fair continues to evolve and expand as a platform for the art market, connecting past and present, Asia and the West, and presenting historically inspired artistic contexts.

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Art fairs play a central role in the art market. Bringing international art galleries together in one venue, an art fair allows visitors to compare prices and artworks, and enhances the fluidity of the art market.

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"Galleries" brings together commercial galleries and art dealers from Japan and overseas. In this section, antique collectors can encounter contemporary art, while contemporary art collectors discover the charms of antiques. In this way, "Galleries" transcends genre and era to inspire new interests and unexpected purchases. From ancient Japanese earthenware and East Asian antiques to Edo-era woodblock prints, Impressionist paintings by the greats, and examples of the rapidly growing market for contemporary art from Japan and abroad, experience the uniquely complex, mature, and multilayered market in Japan with a selection of gallery booths far more diverse than at conventional art fairs.

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The entrance to Art Fair Tokyo 2020 will feature a new section called Crossing, hosted in the area of the Tokyo International Forum venue that is open to the general public. At this “crossing” where a wide range of art intersects, visitors can experience the very latest trends from the art scene in Japan, which is formed by a great variety of types of art. Highlights include booths organized by the department stores that play a significant role in the Japanese art market alongside their function in daily life, regional crafts bodies that convey the current state of culture around the country as well as traditions hundreds of years old, and outsider art and celebrity artists’ work expressed through diverse values.



"Projects" is a series of solo shows developed by exhibitors each selecting a single artist or artist unit. At Art Fair Tokyo 2020, there will be 11 contemporary art galleries participating, with a focus on up-and-coming artists who have a promising future in the domestic and international art scene.

Art, art, ART

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We feel like we live our lives in the midst of constant change, both geopolitically and generationally. Social divisions have deepened in some regions due to oppression, while soaring asset prices are also causing a kind of mania. As values continue to diversify, both the types of artworks already existing on the market and the newly emerging forms of expression are today manifold.

It is the wonder of art that we can experience the values of our changing, diversifying world through forms of expressions. Presenting assured selections from this diverse range of art, Art Fair Tokyo 2022’s theme is “Art, art, ART.”

At Art Fair Tokyo 2022, experience the art of the now, and the now of art.