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2021.02.12 Announcing All 141 Exhibiting Galleries and Artist Highlights! Art Fair Tokyo 2021 Embarks on Unprecedented Fusion of In-Person and Virtual Reality Exhibits Pre-Register and Receive Discounts on Admission to 11 Museums in Kanto Area!
2020.04.29 ART FAIR TOKYO 2020 Spin-off Project Online Gallery Mall “AFT Art Hunting” has attracted more than 340,000 visitors, 101 galleries and art dealers showing alomst 2000 works
2020.03.26 Japanese Art Industry Market Research Report 2019
2020.03.26 Japanese Art Industry Market Research Survey 2019| Japanese Art Market Estimated at 258 billion yen, up 4.9% on Last Year Respondents Surveyed on Values Associated with Buying and Viewing Art
2020.03.24 ART FAIR TOKYO 2020 Spin-off Project Online Gallery Mall “AFT Art Hunting” Now Open 80 galleries and art dealers from Japan and around the world showing over 800 works, starting March 24 (Tue) from 6:00pm
2020.03.04 Announcement of Art Fair Tokyo 2020’s voluntary suspension and cancellation
2020.02.20 [Art Fair Tokyo 2020] 2020, a Landmark Year for Expanding the Japanese Art Market as the Global Market and Investment Opportunities Increases Galleries Section Offers Chance to Buy Works by Famous Artists and Works for Over 1 Billion JPY
2019.12.30 [Art Fair Tokyo 2020] Advance Tickets on Sale from November 28! Special Perks and Offers Available, Including Discounted Admission to 16 Partner Art Museums in the Tokyo Region!
2019.12.22 [ Art Fair Tokyo 2020 ] Venue Layout
2019.11.16 [ART FAIR TOKYO 2020] List of Exhibitors Galleries
2019.11.15 [Art Fair Tokyo 2020] Announcing 2020 Fair Theme “with Art,” Main Visual Design, and Exhibitors
2019.04.08 Closing Report
2019.03.25 Japanese Art Industry Market Research Survey 2018 Japanese Art Market Estimated at 246 Billion JPY Third Consecutive Year of Growth
2019.03.18 Fair Visitors Total Record Number of 60,717 Two Exhibitions in Free Admission Area Visited by Approx. 40,000 and 37,000
2019.03.07 Japanese Art Industry Market Research Report 2018
2019.03.05 [Art Fair Tokyo 2019] Tokyo Transforms into an Art City for March! Free Shuttle Bus Service for Satellite Events! Travel Around the City on an Art Tour New Art Map Available Around Tokyo
2019.02.27 [ World Art Tokyo ] in the streets of Tokyo: An international exhibition featuring work by contemporary artists recommended by their respective embassies.
2019.02.19 [Art Fair Toyo 2019] A collection of exhibitors (including department stores!) indispensable to any discussion of Japan’s art scene! New section: Crossing Announcing the exhibition details and participating artists for this new exhibition concept!
2019.02.12 [Art Fair Tokyo 2019] Artworks 2019 now up on the official website! Check the site to discover your favorites from over 600 pieces registered by exhibitors showing them at ART FAIR TOKYO 2019. Create your very own ART FAIR TOKYO 2019 Map!
2019.02.07 [Art Fair Tokyo 2019] Entire Artistic Worlds in Six Meters Squared Presented by Future Leading Galleries and Artists of the Japanese Art Scene Announcing Galleries and Artists for Projects Section
2019.02.06 [ World Art Tokyo ] International Exhibition Featuring Participants from 31 Nations
2019.01.10 Venue Layout
2019.01.10 [ Art Fair Tokyo 2019 ] Announcing Venue Layout and Fair Highlights ! Gallery Directors Compete Across Periods and Genres in Art Fair Tokyo’s Unique Mix of Art
2019.01.09 [ Future Artists Tokyo ] Exhibition Featuring the Work of 38 Students Asking New Questions About Contemporary Society at 19 Art Colleges Around Japan Curated by Intercollegiate Team of 7 Students Held Concurrently with Art Fair Tokyo 2019
2018.11.15 [Art Fair Tokyo 2019] March in Tokyo Transforms into Month of Art New Satellite Events at 3 Locations Partnerships with 15 Art Museums, Including National Art Museums, and Special Discounts on Admission Discounted Pair Tickets
2018.11.09 [Art Fair Tokyo 2019] Announcing Main Visual Design Galleries, Crossing, and Projects Sections All 160 Exhibitors Gallery Booths Approximately 120% Previous Average Size Around Half of Projects Section First-Timer Exhibitors
2018.11.09 [ART FAIR TOKYO 2019] List of Exhibitors Galleries
2018.10.03 [ Art Fair Tokyo 2019 ] Announcing Theme of “Art Life”. Expanding the area, a new section "Crossing" appeared. Two international exhibitions are held simultaneously.
2018.04.25 Art Fair Tokyo 2018 Closing Report
2018.03.20 ART FAIR TOKYO 2018 Record number of visitors and record high sales of 2.92 billion JPY
2018.03.20 ART FAIR TOKYO 2018 Closed with a record number of over 60,000 visitors Of 13,000 visitors on opening day, 18% were invited from overseas. Special project exhibitions, exhibitor booths, reached new heights
2018.03.05 Art Fair Tokyo 2018 Details released for Galleries and Projects! Additional information about the two exhibitions! Free shuttle bus scheduled!
2018.03.03 the Asian Art Award 2018 Finalists Exhibition started Related Events During Art Fair Tokyo 2018 at Tokyo International Forum
2018.02.01 Art Fair Tokyo 2018 “Art is Life” Artworks page featuring participating galleries now open on the official website! A new project to support young artists with the art universities and embassies in Japan!
2018.01.13 Japanese Art Industry Market Research Report 2017
2018.01.12 PRESS RELEASE:Japanese Art Industry Market Research Survey 2017
2017.12.21 Asian Art Award 2018 supported by Warehouse TERRADA Announcing 4 finalists and the Finalists Exhibition at TERRADA ART COMPLEX 4F. The Grand Prize will be announced at Art Fair Tokyo 2018 in March.
2017.12.21 Floor Map
2017.12.21 List of Exhibitors
2017.12.21 Art Fair Tokyo 2018 Venue Layout Announced! Large-scale booths in Galleries Free-to-view Projects in lobby area A total of 164 exhibits by innovative exhibitors.
2017.11.21 Art Fair Tokyo 2018 Toyota Mirai Transformed into Art Car Inspired by Art Fair Tokyo 2018 Theme of “Art is Life” Expressing A Future Society Open to All Kinds of Artists
2017.11.20 Art Fair 2018 Advance Tickets on Sale from November 15th Special Tickets Available Tokyo Art Passport with Access to Four Art Events in Tokyo in March 2018m, Discounted Pair Tickets
2017.10.12 2017 Tobi Art Fair This week! Announcing 102 exhibitors and artworks Tokyo Art Club presents: “110 Years of Tradition and Trust”.
2017.10.10 Art Fair Tokyo 2018 Announcing Theme of “Art is Life” and Visual Design Highest Number of Exhibitors Ever
2017.10.10 ART FAIR TOKYO 2018 List of Exhibitors
2017.09.29 Asian Art Award 2017 supported by Warehouse TERRADA Chikako Yamashiro Announced as Winner of Inaugural Grand Prize Akihiko Taniguchi Wins Special Award
2017.08.21 Art Fair Tokyo 2018  Announcing New Logo, Fair Held From March 8 to March 11, 2
2017.07.26 Asian Art Award 2017 supported by Warehouse TERRADA Exhibition of 5 Finalists and Announcement of Grand Prize and Special Award
2017.04.03 ART FAIR TOKYO2017 Closing Report
2017.03.21 Announcing the End of ART FAIR TOKYO 2017
2017.03.16 Asian Art Award 2017 supported by Warehouse TERRADA Announcing 5 Finalists
2017.02.24 Japanese Art Industry Market Research Report 2016 - Overall Market Scale of Art Industry Estimated at 334.1 billion JPY -
2017.02.23 "Japanese Art Industry Market Research Report 2016"
2017.01.11 vol.5 Announcing all exhibition sections, program outlines, and venue layouts based on this year’s theme: “Art is Alive”
2017.01.11 ART FAIR TOKYO 2017 Complete Exhibitor List
2016.12.15 Art Tokyo Association Launches Market Research Survey on Japanese Art Industry, to be Presented at ART FAIR TOKYO 2017
2016.12.07 vol.4 Announcing Partnership with Tokyo Girls Collection 2017 Spring/Summer Advance Tickets Now on Sale
2016.11.24 vol.3 Announcing 12 Exhibitors and Artists for PROJECTS Section
2016.10.25 vol.2 Art Fair Tokyo unveils its key visual and galleries list for “Art is Alive: Getting Closer to Art, Art Getting Close
2016.09.12 vol.1 Announcing the ART FAIR TOKYO 2017 Main Theme and Event Outline!