Future Artists Tokyo: Exhibition Planned and Organized by 45 Students from 19 Art Colleges Nationwide Transcend Institutions and Faculties

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“Future Artists Tokyo” is an exhibition led by a team of students from Japanese art colleges. The second edition of the exhibition will present work by students from 19 art colleges and universities around Japan, increasing from the six featured in the first exhibition at last year’s fair. The event is led by a team of curators comprising students from the same colleges, supervising everything from the choice of artworks to the exhibition concept statement and the arrangement of the venue and displays. Universities from around Japan will create a place for fresh stimulation and inspiration through exchange between students in ways that transcend the differences of their faculties. The exhibition offers visitors the chance to witness the next generation of Japan’s artists and curators show off their talents.

【19 Colleges】
Aichi University of the Arts(Aichi Prefecture)、Akita University of Art(Akita Prefecture)、Onomichi City University(Hiroshima Prefecture)、Kanazawa College of Art(Ishikawa Prefecture)、Kyushu Sangyo University(Fukuoka Prefecture)、Kyoto City University of Arts(Kyoto Prefecture)、SAGA UNIVERSITY(Saga Prefecture)、Joshibi University of Art and Design(Tokyo Metropolitan Government)、Tama Art University(Tokyo Metropolitan Government)、University of Tsukuba(Ibaraki Prefecture)、Tokyo University of the Arts(Tokyo Metropolitan Government)、Tokyo Zokei University(Tokyo Metropolitan Government)、TOHOKU UNIVERSITY OF ART & DESIGN(Yamagata Prefecture)、TOKOHA University(Shizuoka Prefecture)、Nagoya Zokei University(Aichi Prefecture)、Nihon University College of Art(Tokyo Metropolitan Government)、Hiroshima City University(Hiroshima Prefecture)、Musashino Art University(Tokyo Metropolitan Government)、Yokohama University of Art and Design(Kanagawa Prefecture)